Building Package
This package includes a 200 page step by step construction book with all the paperwork included, i.e. work and change orders, inspection forms, etc. This with extra paperwork tools and the excel software will save you 15% on building your home. Please review the details and see how we have created this package in a user friendly environment. We have made it simple with no learning necessary. Our years of experiences and mistakes have been utilized to give you confidence in fully understanding the home building business. In addition save up to 25% by taking advantage of our Project Management services. Residential Building Consultants are here to help from the Plans to the Final clean they are at your service by phone or email. We will start with reviewing all the material and planning the entire job before we begin and then we will act through each phase together coaching and coordinating for success in each step
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Please be sure to read Project Management below before final purchase!
This Package Includes:
Construction Book Sample
Work Orders, Change Orders, Punch Out Sheets, Final Inspections, A Prepare and Inspection Sheet for each phase of construction, Plan Check Out Sheet, Extra Copies of all forms, Complete direction for each phase of building, and most importantly all the tools necessary to not need a contractor.
Excel Estimate and Tracking Pack Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5 Sample6 Sample7 Sample8
This is the most comprehensive program available enabling you to know exactly where you are at any given time through the project and able you to make the changes necessary. to always build in budget. More importantly you will build a budget and forecast a schedule before you begin the project. How to build my own house is a question this package answers.
Project Check List Sample
This is a condensed step by step list to track progress and make sure you build on schedule saving you interest. This tells you exactly how to build a house and the order it to build in while giving you the proper times to order products and when to begin lining up certain trades. This is your time line for ordering and performing all phases of work..
Standard of Operation: Trade Contract Sample
This is the bible for you to build in budget. It is the standards you expect and will hold your trades to. Make sure everyone understands and signs this form. I can not stress enough, if you are self contracting how important this is.
Hold Harmless Sample
Every trade should sign this. It protects you and puts the trades insurance responsibility first therefore protecting you.
Building Contract Sample
If needed this is a proven building contract prepared by a legal team, yet simple enough to not cause confusion.
Quick Forecast Sample
This is the first tool you will use and with a few entries you'll get an idea of time and cost per project.
Projected Price List Sample
This is a quick way to project pricing and that may be required by Banks.
Action Forms Sample1 Sample2
Labor Daily Log and Start Conformation
Consulting Contact
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how to build my own house

You will receive electronic files and have full editing ability of all items.


Project Management

I will keep you on budget and on schedule doing everything a contractor could do for you with a savings of 18% on the total construction cost. Whether it's cost plus or lump sum a contractor will make his 20%. I created, ran, and solely owned a $5,000,000.00 year home building company building 25 to 30 plus homes a year. I sold and miss doing what I love. That is why I joined the 599Design management team. Together we have created this opportunity so that you can build the house of your dream with no PMI insurance and the equity you deserve and I can enjoy helping you realize the home you thought was out of reach at a price you never expected possible. The question with what I am offering is whether to keep the extra money I will save you or spend what you expected, and build a larger home.

The facts are if you build a $300,000 home you will pay $60,000 to a contractor. You would pay me only $2,995 or $5,999 depending on the level you chose. You would pay in installments according to a draw schedule. If at any time you are ready to continue without me and feel the tools I’ve given you and the time we've spent together has enabled you to carry out the project then you would not be required to pay the reaming draws. This means, that same house you're now building for $245,000 equals $55,000 in equity. You are in control of your money not me, the contractor, or the bank. I promise, though it is stressful at times, there is no greater pride then laying your burdens down and relaxing with your family in the home that you built.

I don't do this with some gimmick video are system. I do it with personal one on one team work dealing with banks, permits, subs, etc. I know this business inside and out. I will be with you from the permit to the closing. I will be there every step of the way guiding and coaching you with the experience to not let you make mistakes or be taken advantage of. We will work the book, the software, and all the tools together. Good luck and if you chose a different option I hope you do purchase the building package or the Construction Book. They alone will save you time, money and help you avoid the mistakes it takes years and many houses to make.

Residential Building Consultants at your service by phone or email.
Committed to Planning the job before we begin and working each phase together through closing.
It is hard to decide between the two Levels. For me, with the amount to be saved, I would clearly choose Level 2. However if I were confident and had the time available I'd consider Level 1. If you want no worries and the feeling you have hired a contractor go with Level 2. If you feel confident and just want to hire an advisor to ensure you stay on course, budget, and schedule chose Level 1. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity, I'm confident you will be extremely satisfied and surprised with the results when we are done.
The Levels
Level 1: You Run the Job and We Assist

The Building Package is included. We will support your every need telling you exactly what to do in every step of building your home. We will be available seven days a week by phone or email. You will have direct contact with all banks, subs, vendors, and trades. You will be responsible for monitoring and filling out paperwork. We will assist and coach you through the before mentioned.

I am there as a resource and you will be responsible for communications, and the bellow mentioned duties assumed as part of the Level 2 agreement. I will still be there every step of the way; however you will do most of the walking as I keep you on the right path.

Management Fee:
$1198.00 for the first Draw and $599.00 for the remaining four. The Building Package is Included.
$599.00 For each Draw Phase. If Building Package already Purchased
Level 2: We run the Job and You Assist

You receive unlimited use of me, the Building Package is included at no cost. If you purchase a house plan from us you get unlimited modifications and a plot plan at no cost.

I will speak directly with banks, subs, trades, vendors, or anyone else you need me to. I will assist in the roles of double checking orders, creating schedules, working in allowances, acquiring insurance, protecting your assets and all other quality and economic related duties. I will monitor, create, and inspect all the paperwork and other tools we implement.

I am the contractor and carry out all deeds expected as such, excluding physically being on site. You or the Foreman. I am the company with the experience necessary to reach our goals. You will have the confidence you can build your own home, with better quality, at a sizable reduction in cost compared to hiring a contractor.

Management Fee:
$1199.80 for each of the 5 Draw Phases
If you have questions Email Us
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Construction Book

This 200 page step by step all inclusive tool has revolutionized the residential construction industry. It was developed for contractors b contractors. It is now available to the public. Home Building Companies have been created by following each page of this book. You will save 10% - 15% building your home with this book.

The Construction Book includes Work Orders, Change Orders, Punch Out Sheets, Final Inspections, A Prepare and Inspection Sheet for each phase of construction, Plan Check Out Sheet, Extra Copies of all forms, Complete direction for each phase of building, and most importantly all the tools necessary to not need a contractor.

This interactive book will give you the experience of 1000 homes under your belt enabling you to know more then the trades or contractor building your home. If you do exactly what is in this book you will save over 10% on the construction of your home. You will have the knowledge to build it yourself. This is the most valuable tool on the market for individuals seeking to build their home in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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How to build my own house

Self Contracting

Experience the best custom website design online. One on One service in a virtual atmosphere. Sign up today and start tapping the potential of reaching millions or just one. It is your website your way for a reasonable fee. Don't fall into the myth that you need to spend a fortune to develop a website. We look forward to your business and thank you for the opportunity.
Our Consultant ran a 5MM dollar a year home building company and constructed over 200 homes, he also worked remodeling and rebuilt over 80 projects following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He has since sold his business and wishes to help others achieve the equity and home they desire and deserve. He has joined us in that effort. Please read his comments and judge for yourself. We truly hope you take advantage of his help and the Project Management Packages we have put together. Utilize our Construction Book, which has a proven to save our customers and builders 10% - 20% in construction cost.
Our custom house plan designers have over ten years experience designing homes. They have Project Managed and personally constructed over 200 homes. After Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans They rebuilt over 80 projects. They are experienced and fully understand the residential market. They will work with you to create the perfect plan using the latest technologies and real life virtual design. You will see your home being built. With this service you will receive a free Plot Plan and 3 future modifications. The fee is $100.00 per hour not to exceed $.50 per square foot. For Custom plans email us and enjoy the one on one contact you deserve.
Personal one on one service with a designer transcends into the Perfect Home. Selected or the perfect 20 house plans to begin the journey. Find the home plan that fits your desire and take advantage of the service 599Design offers. With each purchase you receive a Free Plot Plan, Blank Plan Template, and 3 Free Modifications. If our plan fits your vision utilize the modifications to make it fit your lot and restrictions. Thank you for the business.


Quick Consulting
How do I build my own house? I need assistance dealing with a contractor, vendor, or sub? Please email us your phone number and request. Be detailed in your email There is a minimum $25.00 fee for evaluating emails and phone calls. Please state in the email if you wish to receive a call or just an email.
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